Thursday, August 31, 2017 Reaches Milestone of 500 Commands Indexed

Aside from the fact that a lot of commands in video games can only be invoked through the keyboard, I feel pretty confident in asserting that no matter your level of dexterity with the mouse, learning those commands, mastering the precise series of physical movements it takes to get them into the computer to the extent said movements become muscle memory, will always be faster than their mouse equivalent counterparts.

I should not have to mention how substantial the premium is that is placed on speed and agility in the world of video gaming. I’m sure anyone who plays computer games, or any other kind of game for that matter, has seen many a contest decided by a seemingly infinitesimal amount of time It’s not too far-fetched to think attaining this kind of virtuosity could be of great benefit outside of the world of computerized games.

In that spirit I provide visitors with handy tables of keyboard shortcuts for our game guides, when applicable. Here are some game guides with a considerable number of keyboard commands:

Anyway, I was adding commands to X-Plane when I noticed that I had surpassed 500 of them. Of course I could not help but think of how had developed so far, and to wonder where it will be when I pass 1,000 entered.

Anyways, the next time you are playing a game on your computer and you wonder what the keyboard shortcuts are, I hope you’ll check first.