Monday, February 22, 2016

Welcome to My Gaming Blog!

I enjoy playing video games by myself alright but find sharing my experiences with others to be a lot more fun.  This blog supplements, my PC gaming website.  My favorite games are those like Orbiter,, and Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition where the makers strive to create realistic simulations.  Some of these aren't even technically games.  Lots of games take place in space or involve driving a car around but most of these put accessible gameplay for the lowest common denominator player at a much higher premium than creating an ultra-realistic experience for the user.

I look forward to walking through my gaming experiences with you.  While some of the titles I choose to write about are playable on mobile devices, and some are ported to video game consoles, my focus is on games that can be played on a desktop computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) as I find this is where the serious, hardcore gamer is. I am excited about making more illuminating help and how-tos whenever I find the existent documentation for a title wanting.

As computers continue to improve, games and simulations will no doubt offer ever more compelling and thrilling journeys for us to embark on.  I hope you will let me share some of these wonderful experiences with you.